Monday, 13 February 2012

The Artist: Peppy Miller, Fashion Inspiration

The Artist was possibly the most bewitching film of 2011. Visually dazzling, heartwarming and seductively different, The Artist is a silent, black and white 'picture' that transports the viewer to the highs and lows of Hollywood's studio system in the 1920's. Poignantly rendered is the contrast between the period's hypnotic glamour and excitement, versus fast-approaching change and uncertainty. Winning 'Best Picture' and 'Best Actor' at the 2012 Golden Globes, the anticipation surrounding The Artist's hopeful success at the Oscars is high. If you haven't yet seen The Artist, I encourage you to book your cinema trip now! Here you'll find The Artist's showing times in London.

One aspect of The Artist that captured my imagination was the stunning wardrobe worn by Bérénice Bejo as 'Peppy Miller', the film's lead female role. The decadence of 1920's dress, with dropped waists, tassels, beads, feathers and headwear is - excitingly - a Spring/Summer 2012 trend, to which many fashion editors are crediting The Great Gatsby, due for release at the end of 2012. The Artist gives us more reason to relish this trend, thanks to the detailed and accomplished eye of costume designer Mark Bridges (The Fighter, Boogie Nights), who has deservedly been nominated for the 'Costume Design' Oscar. Bridges captures the supreme femininity, cheeky flirtation, liberation and meticulous embellishment of fashion during this fascinating decade. Peppy Miller's striking hair, make-up and accessories complement each outfit perfectly. Bérénice Bejo wears the 1920's style so well, creating an undeniable fashion inspiration, or icon, out of Peppy Miller. 

As 1920's fashion is one of my 'ultimate' eras in style terms, I couldn't resist the opportunity to share with you some of my favourite 'Peppy Miller' looks: 

Do you like 1920's style? Which fashion era do you worship the most?


  1. 1920s is my absolute favourite era. Will love to see this movie!

    1. Me too, Laura! I'd love to hear what you think of the film when you see it x

  2. I do love this era it's so feminine, elegant & refined. Hopefully stylists will be inspired with this movie and make us wonderful collections!!;D


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