Monday, 23 January 2012

That Old Nesting Instinct...

Hi everybody, I hope you are all really well! After an achingly slow six or seven months, my final two months of pregnancy have chosen to fly by. With merely a few weeks left, I have been juggling work, play, and to my surprise, the instinct to 'nest', as determined by those wives of old. Alongside a longing to stay indoors or close to home, this period of nesting has involved a super-charged effort to clean, tidy and organise the house - despite no longer being able to see my feet! - in preparation for the impending new arrival into our family. Hotel inspectors, babies are not, but the instinct to have everything 'just so' has suddenly taken force and remains alarmingly stubborn. I am, however, looking forward to slowing down and will at some point need to sign off for a brief period, but I do hope that you will bear with me as this city girl's life is about to change! 

Surely the most enjoyable aspect of 'nesting' is the opportunity to become enamoured by furniture, textiles and other homely wares; working on your house becomes far more enjoyable when you can inject some newness into it. Although I have mostly reinvigorated our existing interiors, I wanted to share some of my favourite finds with you, from a variety of seductive, 'if-you-must-nest-you-must-come-to-us' shops. Have you been struck by the urge to nest? Do you have any tips for a fellow sufferer? I hope you enjoy my selection below...

Dot cushion by Hay at SCP, £89.


  1. My urge to nest was forcefully heightened by my desire to get away from my parents. They were staying with us, waiting for the kid to drop and overanalysing my every breath. I felt like I was on suicide watch. They wouldn't even let me go to the post office on my own. So, in rebellion, I vacuumed, and vacuumed and vacuumed some more because that way they couldn't talk to me.

    My tips would be to chill and not get too excited about the due date because it sucks if you're overdue. My baby was thirteen days late and those were the longest two weeks of my life.

    The other would be just to rest as much as you can because labour is terribly tiring. Exhaustion is the thing that will get you. Sod anyone who says take a long walk to get the baby to arrive sooner - lounge, watch TV and consume lots of calories is my suggestion.

  2. Hi Adele! Sorry you had a tough time before Talitha's birth. Your advice is brilliant and I'm really keen on the lounging/TV/eating! Definitely not feeling the urge for long walks just yet... let's see how stubborn the little one is! x

  3. The nesting instinct is REAL and the pull to get your house in order in preparation for the new babe is overwhelming in the late stages of pregnancy. Good luck with everything!


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