Thursday, 10 November 2011

Style Library: I Love Lowie

It's been a while since I last wrote a 'Style Library' post, partly because I've been keen to experiment with different types of posts. Yet, every so often there is a label or shop (and for now, I'm going to keep these posts fashion-focused), which really catches my eye and imagination. So I've decided to continue adding to my Style Library. I hope you enjoy my selections and perhaps all together, they will form a rather stylish London address book - of brands and boutiques that are slightly different.
'Mohair Diamond Beanie' by Lowie, £48

At the Forward PR press day in Soho last week, I encountered the Spring/Summer 2012 collection from Lowie, the handmade ethical clothing and accessories brand with a vintage, 'traveller' twist. Think cute and classy, with a conscience. Started in 2002 by designer Bronwyn Lowenthal, Lowie's philosophy is to "produce beautiful clothing people want to wear as ethically as possible, without jeopardising design". Using only high-quality organic and eco-friendly materials, each collection is compact, but much desired by fans - to include Luella Bartley and Erin O'Connor. After several press appointments over a frantic few days, Lowie captivated me from my first glance and lodged itself into my memory. Pieces look and feel delicious (ever more so, knowing the brand's ethics) and arguably deserve their not-cheap-but-not-prohibitive price tag. After all, wearing one of Lowie's tea dresses, made from soft merino wool and hand-puffed sleeves, that's a special occasion in itself.

'Tea dress' in soft merino wool by Lowie, £235

Dotted about this post are some images from Lowie's gorgeously comforting Autumn/Winter 2011 collection, available to buy online at, or stockists to include Anthropologie and Liberty. Perhaps it's my mum-to-be yearnings for soft fabrics and still-trendy styles, but aren't these perfect for the Christmas list?

'Military Jacket' in virgin wool by Lowie, £178

'Turkish Colourful Socks' by Lowie, £20

And here's a sneak peek from Lowie's Spring/Summer 2012 nautical-inspired collection, featuring woven, jersey, cotton knit and crochet pieces. 

What do you think?

Images) With thanks to Lowie, and my own.


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