Friday, 4 November 2011

British Vogue December Issue: The Secret Address Book

Vogue December 2011 issue & The Secret Address Book

I mentioned recently that I had worked at British Vogue on a project and that all would be unveiled soon. Well, that time has come, as British Vogue's December issue has finally hit the newsstands. Alongside a dazzling array of super stylish festive features - showcasing seasonal wardrobes, travel and a gorgeous gift guide - there is the usual Vogue celebration of talent and a look-back at some of the extraordinary individuals who have captured our imaginations during 2011. Plus, there is the awesome cover shot of 'gold-plated' Gisele, shot by Mario Testino...

Vogue December 2011 cover, Gisele Bündchen

So, what was I working on? Vogue's Secret Address Book; the glossy supplement released alongside Vogue's December issue (see top pic). Maybe you remember an earlier Secret Address Book, published in December 2008? Whilst the look and format have been revamped, the idea remains the same: inside The Secret Address Book, you will find an A-Z of 'insider' destinations (400+), and there are some real treats, some of which were recommended so grudgingly as Vogue's insiders quite liked the idea of keeping their secrets 'secret'. But, excitingly, they agreed to divulge their coveted contacts - and they're not solely fashion-focused. From 'Honey' to 'Healing', 'Pilates' to 'Pyjamas' and 'Wallpaper' to 'Women Winemakers', it's a diverse compendium, enhanced by the top secret addresses of influential personalities and Vogue Editors from around the globe. Want to know where to buy tiles in Lisbon, or roadside sandals in Mumbai? Look no further. As for the UK, don't worry if you don't live in London, as many places can be found beyond the capital. 

Vogue's Secret Address Book, inside peek

It was lots of fun working on Vogue's Secret Address Book, from selecting, researching, sampling (my desk was covered with smellies and cakes), and writing. I hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear which places you may have discovered! 

The Secret Address Book and the December issue of British Vogue are out now.


  1. We love the Secret Address Book - congrats!!! So excited to see that the cobbler we stock at and work with in Notting Hill (Mario's Shoe Care) was listed but very sad to see that our red sole 'Save Your Sole' products weren't! Mario's fix Louboutins with our products which we introduced to them - wish we could have told someone sooner & been included!

  2. i still have my copy, nice and safe


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