Friday, 7 October 2011

Weekend Diary: Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris

Are you looking for something to do this weekend? Today, Friday 7th October, Woody Allen's latest film arrives at London cinemas. Midnight in Paris is a film I have desperately awaited, since it opened Cannes Film Festival in May. Finally, it is here! A big fan of Woody Allen as a director, many of the highly talented cast members (including Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen) and, of course, Paris itself, I am excited to see how the film unfolds. Without wanting to read every review, I have instead enjoyed watching the trailer numerous times (I told you before how I love movie trailers!). Plot aside, I am instantly intrigued by Owen Wilson's performance. As suggested here, Mr Wilson's acting skills are rightly commanding attention in a more heavyweight (if still comedic?) role, which I believe his fans have long suspected would happen. I will report back after watching the film, and look forward to your reactions! Visit your nearest cinema chain online, for showing times in London. 

In case you are interested in a little more background, here's a clip of Woody Allen and Owen Wilson, talking to Jonathan Ross during the Cannes Film Festival for Cinémoi (Cinémoi did a great job at the festival and I really rate the Cinémoi TV channel, dedicated to French film - Sky 343 and Virgin 445.)

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  1. Wow, I just saw this film and wrote a post about its fabulous costume design. Yes, Paris was a beautiful backdrop but the 20s style glamour was the real star of the show for me.


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