Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My 'Cupcake in the Oven' Massage

You may remember a recent post, where I promised to elaborate on the goings-on in my social life. Well, if the title of this post hasn't already given it away, here goes: this City Girl is expecting a baby. Having kept the news from my corner of cyberspace until now, I am excited to share it with you, particularly as this blog has - hopefully - maintained a personal perspective from day one. As a mum-to-be for the first time, the last few months have been an entirely new, unique and sometimes bewildering experience, full of ups and downs, moments of overwhelming joy and seconds of sheer panic (Tip number 1? Stay away from Google!). Finally, I am very pleased to be able to write about it here and hopefully in features elsewhere. Where it fits into the wider context of City Girl Diaries, I will share stories with you (check back soon for a post on maternity fashion). However, just as I continue to write for magazines and websites on a variety of topics, this will not become a pregnancy blog - there are too many fantastic ones already out there. And, although there may be no more champagne-schmoozing at late night events (for a little while), I will continue to explore London and its many fashionable, cinematic and cultural offerings.

Hopefully, today, you don't mind me sharing one pregnancy-related story with you. Deciding that my body desperately needed a pick-me-up, and my mind a total escape, I began researching antenatal massages (one of the more relaxing ways to use Google as an expectant mum..). Seeking a professional, affordable and friendly salon, I soon came across Cupcake, a sanctuary for mums and mums-to-be, offering everything from a luxurious spa, to pre and postnatal personal training, to a relaxing hangout for parents and children. You can find Cupcake Clubs and Spas in Putney, Parsons Green, or Wandsworth.
Cupcake Club and Spa
At this stage in my pregnancy, all I longed for was a soothing, specialist antenatal massage. And that's exactly what I got. Walking into the serene 'Treatment Rooms' of the Putney Cupcake, I imagined myself transported on holiday, and, as I completed the comfortingly detailed consultation form ("Would you like music during your treatment?"), all aches and pains seemed already less of a burden. Having chosen the 1 hour Cupcake in the Oven Massage, I was soon sinking into the warm, raised, hydrotherm bed, relishing this indulgent head-to-toe pampering. Extremely comfortable, escapist and high-quality, the Cupcake in the Oven Massage was as delicious as it sounds. No change of position is required, so you can lie back safely and enjoy. It might sound strange to imagine hands slipping underneath your back to massage it, but it felt remarkably therapeutic and effective. 
Cupcake Treatment Rooms
There are many treatments on offer for mums, mums-to-be, dads and non-parents too. You could even arrange a girly day with the Girlfriends' Celebration Package. Treatments are priced for members and non-members; here's Cupcake's price list. And, during October, there is an additional 15% off. After your treatment, don't forget to stop by the Cupcake café and sample the delicious homemade chocolate brownies on your way out.

Cupcake Putney, 10 Point Pleasant, London SW18 1GG. Tel: 020 8875 1065.

Images: 1) Love Bakery, 2) & 3) Cupcake.


  1. Congratulations! How exciting! If you do end up avoiding Google you'll be a far stronger woman than I. I freaked myself out so much before and after birth. As for massage, it's one of the best things a woman can do for herself when pregnancy takes its toll. I'll be getting lots of that and acupuncture next time round hopefully. I hope this is a really safe and enjoyable pregnancy. Looking forward to hearing bits and pieces from time to time. x

  2. I love that you are pampering yourself already. The most important thing a mother (or mother-to-be) can do is take care of herself. Don't let anybody tell you different (because they will). Self-care must come first. It's the old oxygen mask analogy: you put yours on first...

  3. @Circus Queen Thank you, Adele! I am glad to hear that massage is recommended! I have definitely succumbed to Google a few times too many, but have banned myself from doing so again! I hadn't thought of acupuncture, did it help you? x

  4. @For Those About To Shop Thank you, Laura! That sounds like perfect advice to me ;) x


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