Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Breakfast at The Wolseley, Piccadilly

Hi everybody, hope you're having a great week so far. Sorry for the delay in posting - I am hoping that our disastrous internet over the last few days has finally sorted itself out! Now on to more fun things... This weekend, I was lucky enough to enjoy a wonderful breakfast at The Wolseley. It is one of my all-time favourite things to do in London (featured in my Time Out Top Ten list), and makes for a particularly special Sunday brunch. Is there any better weekend activity?

A chef prepares The Wolseley's famous Viennoiserie

Located on Piccadilly, just a few steps from London's beautiful Green Park, it's impossible not to feel like you're making a grand entrance as you walk through The Wolseley's impressively ornate doors. Several years ago, I actually believed that The Wolseley was a luxurious hotel, similar to The Ritz, close by. When you stand outside and are greeted by a doorman, you'll see why. The sparkling, Parisian-esque black and white tiles actually remind me of my beloved Hotel Lutetia. In fact, The Wolseley was originally a prestigious car showroom, commissioned by Wolseley Motors Limited in 1921. The architect, William Curtis Green, drew on Venetian, Florentine and Eastern exotic influences, which are as present and stunning today. The pristine, dazzling decor contributes to the ambience that feels both exclusive and welcoming, lively and relaxing. Later, the building was owned by Barclays Bank, before Chris Corbin and Jeremy King (of Rex Restaurant Associates) secured the site in 2003. Since then, The Wolseley has become an "all-day café/restaurant in the grand European tradition" and one of the most elegant places to dine in London. Breakfast is a famous treat and has even inspired a book (with mouth-watering pictures) called simply Breakfast at The Wolseley, by the food critic, A.A. Gill. 

Breakfast at The Wolseley, by A.A. Gill

So what is breakfast like? The menu at The Wolseley is extensive, diverse (it will surely cater for every taste), and extremely high-quality. Served on exquisite, old-worldly glass, silver and branded crockery, you will feel like The Queen, yet the delicious food is reasonably priced. The continental selection features The Wolseley's famous home-made Viennoiserie, Bircher muesli (one of my favourites), Caramelised Pink Grapefruit, a Bagel with Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese, or a Fresh Fruit salad, which I started with at the weekend. Alongside a few mugs of tea!

An Edwardian teapot, for sale in The Wolseley shop

Moving on to the hot selection, you can have eggs any way you wish, Grilled Kippers or a Caviar Omelette (this will set you back £60), but I would strongly recommend 'THE ENGLISH'. Absolute perfection, with every sauce you could hope for in delightful silver pots and lots of toast and butter.

'THE ENGLISH', The Wolseley

Afternoon tea at The Wolseley is also well worth a visit. And, when I finally try out lunch or dinner, I will report back! Whenever you plan to go, don't forget to call early to book (usually the same week is fine). Enjoy!

The Wolseley, 160 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9EB. Tel: 020 7499 6996.


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  2. You lucky thing! I didn't know about the cookbook, I'll have to check it out, thanks! And mm I love cooked breakfasts :-)


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