Friday, 8 July 2011

City Girl EC1: Back in Business!

Hi everybody, I hope you are really well! I am so sorry for my recent absence, I have been a little under the weather for a short while, but I'm very excited to be back! I hope you will forgive me. To fill you in on more positive news (and back-tracking a bit), I spent some wonderful time in-house at The Sunday Times Style and Vogue. Alongside writing for the above, I've been working on interviews and features for Time Out and various other magazines and websites, including MSN Life & Style and Cinémoi (see my review of Alain Resnais' L'amour à mort).

I would love to hear your stories - what have you been up to? I promise that many exciting City Girl Diaries are just around the corner! There'll be Parisian markets, a wedding to remember, some delicious dining and lots of fabulous fashion...

Rupert Sanderson S/S 2011 (Antwerp/Fuschia)

I can't wait. xx


  1. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Apparently it only makes us stronger - so that's two Superwomen in the making coming up - you and me! xx

  2. Oh welcome back! I have been wondering what adventures you have been getting up to, and why the absence. Not that less posts is ever an issue in my book, it's better to have quality rather than quantity, in blogs as well as in life!

    Looking forward to reading about the Parisian markets and lots of delicious dining - sounds good!

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  4. We have been making balloon animals! Welcome back :)

  5. @amymaybe Hi Amy! Thank you for your kind message, I hope you are feeling better too? x

  6. @Blue Fruit Thank you Virginia! That's very sweet of you. New posts coming soon! Hope you are well x

  7. Thanks for your comment on my blog a few weeks ago, much appreciated! x

  8. Hi.. saw your message on IFB .. Im glad you are back and feel better :)
    Those shoes are great!


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