Friday, 10 June 2011

Bring back the sunshine with Miami's summer soundtrack...

The Betsy Hotel, South Beach, Miami
One of my fondest holiday destinations of recent years has been Miami. That's every inch of the expansive and dazzlingly diverse city of Miami. From the striped seats and Hemingway-esque lobby of The Betsy Hotel (not to mention their renowned Popover bread!), to South Beach's sun-kissed beautiful people, to stunning Art Deco architecture and to the design district for the rustic and homey Michael's Genuine Food & Drink. In all it's many forms, Miami has one unifying quality: it feels good to be here. More than good, in fact. It's a seriously good feeling that we long for (but don't often experience) in the UK - that enveloping warmth that hits your face when you step off the plane and lingers all holiday long. Heat aside though, Miami's feel-good factor radiates from its inhabitants. Whether party-goers, or cultured types who prioritise their climate and artistic lifestyle, Miami never fails to bring a smile to both residents and holidaymakers. Add to that a variety of hip locations and eclectic energy, and you've got Miami.

W Hotel, South Beach, Miami
W Hotel, Living Room bar, South Beach, Miami

This Easter, I was lucky enough to stay at the W Hotel, South Beach. As super-slick, luxurious and trend-setting as it's cool counterparts elsewhere, the W South Beach had clearly tapped into the unique Miami vibe. Relaxing in my hotel bedroom, I discovered just how 'Miami' the W South Beach was, in the form of the hotel chain's latest album, Symmetry. It's geared for guests at all W hotels, no matter their location: whether resting inside, enjoying cocktails poolside, or dancing all night long. It's true that music has an uncanny ability to evoke a sense of place, yet it seems that the W's global music director, Michelangelo L'Acqua had Miami in mind, as he selected the cutting-edge music, first-time remixes and exclusive tracks. Not only was Symmetry's launch party held at the W South Beach, it seems to intrinsically 'get' Miami, recreating that highly-covetable Miami feeling. L'Acqua explains that Symmetry's artists "are pushing the boundaries of style and sound". Quite an apt description for Miami-ites themselves.

W Hotels 'Symmetry' album

Here are a couple of my favourite tracks, which I hope will summon London's sunshine and provide you with a super-cool summer soundtrack. Turn up the volume!

The xx - Crystalised

Friendly Fires - Paris ft. Au Revoir Simone (Aeroplane Remix)

If you like these, you can listen to the rest of W Hotels Symmetry at The W Hotels Store.

You may also be interested to know that Miami holds several music events each year, including the Miami Music Festival, the Winter Music Conference and the Ultra Music Festival.

Images: 1) My own, 2) - 4) With thanks to The W, South Beach.


  1. LOVE the Living Room at the W. And of course the uber chic music of Miami. It just doesn't sound the same any place else in the world.

  2. @Miami Olivia Hi Olivia, I totally agree, what a great place! Keep those tunes spinning till I return ;) x


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