Friday, 27 May 2011

Paolita's 1st Birthday Beach Party

Thursday 19th May marked the first birthday of sizzling swimwear brand, Paolita. As one of Paolita's media partners for the event, I celebrated the special occasion at Paolita's 'Happy Birthday' pop-up shopFC Boutique.

Paolita swimwear, launch invite

For Spring/Summer 2011, Paolita's designer Anna Paola has created two swimwear collections: Floreana and Voyage, plus a Beachwear collection; all three were showcased at their birthday party. 

Paolita's first birthday pop-up shop
Paolita's 'Beach Party' pop-up shop

Paolita swimwear, retro bikinis
One of Paolita's retro-inspired rails

On entering the sun-drenched 'beach party' boutique, I realised that Paolita's success at Paris' Mode City was just the beginning for this burgeoning brand. Armed with my camera, a Corona and Anna as my guide, I fell for Paolita's unique charm.

'Odalisque' in Fern, 'Floreana' by Paolita, S/S 2011

Nauti, Paolita swimwear S/S 2011
'Nauti' in Red, 'Voyage' by Paolita, S/S 2011

Minikini, Paolita swimwear S/S 2011
'Minikini' in Fern, 'Floreana' by Paolita, S/S 2011

Thanks to an eclectic mix of experiences, Anna Paola's S/S 2011 collections evoke many influences, including 1950's pin-up girls and explorers of exotic lands. Paolita's celebration of multiculturalism (Anna was born to a Greek father and Mexican-American mother) and the excitement of travel is irresistible. Like frills? You got it. Paisley? Stripes? Ethnic prints? And, how about some cut-outs...

Andromeda, Paolita swimwear S/S 2011
'Andromeda' in Red, 'Voyage' by Paolita, S/S 2011

Floreana, Paolita swimwear S/S 2011
'Odalisque' in Fern, 'Floreana' by Paolita, S/S 2011

'B Queenie' in various, 'Voyage' by Paolita, S/S 2011

From pretty and playful, to flirty and fashion-forward, girls who like their swimwear will find many options here (and that goes for body types too). Alongside Anna's loyal feminine sensibilities and designs that flatter the female form, Paolita consistently innovates. Perhaps this high-fashion edge indicates Anna Paola's work for the late Alexander McQueen and Hussain Chalayan. This considered (along with the brand's high quality), make its more-than-your-average-high-street-bikini prices seem reasonable. 

Hoody beachwear, Paolita swimwear S/S 2011
'Hoody', 'Beachwear' by Paolita, S/S 2011

Paolita's Spring/Summer 2011 collections may reference past times, but these head-turning pieces are definitely of the 'here and now'. If you wish dazzle on the beach in something deliciously different, look no further.

You can buy Paolita via it's website, or stockists including Asos, My Sugarland and If You Please.

Images: 2), 3), 7), 8) & 9) My own. Model shots) With thanks to Paolita.


  1. great blog, gorgeous swimwear!

  2. I love the hoodie outfit, Im going to the web shop to see it!


  3. These are gorgeous especially the Odalisque in Fern. I love the patterns and the built-in cups, too.


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