Tuesday, 17 May 2011

London in love: Royal Wedding fever

Prince William and Catherine Middleton, Royal Wedding cupcake
A delicious Royal Wedding cupcake, from Candy Cakes
William and Catherine's wedding was almost three weeks ago, but has not exited the Londoner's conversation or consciousness (and is still surviving many style-sections). Instead, the Royal Wedding seemed to re-ignite amongst Londoners, a love for the historic and beautiful city in which we live. Certainly, the grandeur and glamour of the event were to thank for much renewed interest from abroad. But, to be here, and to be here since, is to experience the height of London's unique energy; there's a strong sense that 'here' is good, it's hopeful, it's special. And, like the rest of the country, London knows how to have fun.

Unfortunately I couldn't cover the wedding here (now unable to resist, as City Girl Diaries (EC1) is back). However, I did write and take photographs for British Vogue's blog - check out these marvellous Mini Queens at the Louis Vuitton store , the jolly, jam-packed Liberty Royal Wedding window and the fanciest, most fashion-y wedding cakes you can imagine, filling Harrods' designer wedding cake windows. Just in case Londoners were about to forget the impending nuptials, a royal reminder would be looking back at them, from a lavish London store window. 

Harrods Royal Wedding celebration store windows
Harrods 'Royal Wedding celebration' windows

Escada Royal Wedding cake, Harrods Wedding Cake Designer Windows
Escada's Royal Wedding cake design, for Harrods

How did you celebrate the Royal Wedding? Did you have a party? And what did you think of THE dress? I'd love to hear from you. 

Images: 1) My own, 2-3) With many thanks to Harrods.


  1. very cute! thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Oh well, just lost the comment I was trying to post so take two!! Loved the energy, optimism and sheer joy around the wedding. We watched on the big screen at my brother's with a good crowd, wearing patriotic colours and sipping bubbles from tea cups. Then, on to a street party in our little "villagey" area where kids ran riot dressed as mini royals, and adults downed pimms and, shock,chatted to neighbours we'd never met. A friend in s.London had a fab party where everyone rocked up in wedding dresses. More please!

  3. @Mama-andmore Hi Mama-andmore, thank you for your lovely comments. It sounds like you had lots of fun at your own and the street party! I'm glad you enjoyed the post x

  4. I love how wedding fever took over and seemed to bond the whole country!
    The dress was lovely and appropriate for a royal wedding.
    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth


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