Thursday, 17 March 2011

Help Japan: What Can We Do?

Watching the events unfold in Japan has been heart-wrenching, shocking and, at times, seemingly unbelievable. That's the view from our homes and workplaces, so drastically removed from the remnants of those replayed before us. Particularly painful is the idea that such places (especially the former), are supposed to be safe, constant locations in which - and as a result of which - our lives can unfold. Watching and wishing and praying we can all do, but is there anything else? Certainly, there are many organisations through which you can donate (see the British Red Cross). In addition, there are various fundraising initiatives, all innovative alternatives to the traditional donation route. Why not try one of these..?

A wonderful idea, bringing together London's professional and budding bakers, plus all of us sweet-treat lovers, Cakes for Japan is a big bake sale, sushi-inspired. Taking place tomorrow (Friday 18th March) from 11am - 7pm, and Saturday 19th March from 12pm to 7pm, you will discover delights to include: black sesame and matcha macaroons, jasmine and green tea cupcakes, sushi cake pops by Molly Bakes and edible Japanese Kokeshi dolls. This popular-before-it's-even-happened pop-up shop has inspired the same event in Edinburgh (26th March), Leeds (2nd April), Manchester (dates tbc) and Munich, Germany (19th/20th March). Run by Miss Cakehead, London's event will take place at Maiden, 199 Shoreditch High Street. All proceeds will go to the British Red Cross. Click here to become a Cakes for Japan helper or baker.

Sushi cake pops by Molly Bakes
Sushi cake pops, by Molly Bakes

KULTE t-shirt
French fashion brand KULTE designed this 'Big in Japan' t-shirt, in response to Japan's tsunami. Support organisations in Japan will receive all funds. You can buy your KULTE t-shirt on their website, for just €20.

KULTE 'Big in Japan' t-shirt
KULTE 'Big in Japan' t-shirt

Lady Gaga: We Pray for Japan
Love her or loathe her, Lady Gaga has been urging fans to donate via purchase of her own-design "We Pray for Japan" wristband. Featuring the simple, powerful words in both Japanese and English (alongside her signature 'claw' design), the red and white wristband is available at Lady Gaga's online store for just $5. In the first two days since release on March 13th, Gaga reportedly raised $250,000.

Lady Gaga's 'We Pray for Japan' wristband
Lady Gaga's 'We Pray for Japan' wristband

Alex Monroe
Already a fond fan of Mr Monroe, for his exquisite jewellery and ethical efforts, I was pleased to discover that he wished to help. For every item sold via Alex Monroe's website over the next 4 weeks, £5 will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross 'Japan Tsunami Appeal'. In case you need any persuasion, here are two of my favourite current designs...

Alex Monroe bicycle necklace
Alex Monroe 'Vintage Bicycle' necklace, £210

Alex Monroe key charm
Alex Monroe 'Little Key' charm, £165

Are you involved in any Japan fundraisers/events? Do you have any suggestions for City Girl (EC1)'s readers? I look forward to hearing from you. X


  1. my heart goes out to japan too. thnks for sharing this.
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  2. like the sushi cakes..its terrible what has happende..thanks for sharing this..


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