Monday, 17 January 2011

Style Library: Lucy in Disguise

As you may know from previous 'Style Library' posts, I'm creating a stylish collection of shops, labels, restaurants and more. They might be new on their particular scene, or have simply captivated my imagination. The latest addition to this brilliant bunch, is Lucy in Disguise (first previewed at Vogue's Fashion Night Out and featured in my 'Last-Minute Gift Guide'). A Covent Garden vintage haven, 'LID' is the brainchild of Lily Allen and Sarah Owen. From 1920's capes to 1960's shifts, and from 1970's cameo necklaces to 1990's Moschino jackets (yes, the '90's are now vintage), there's something for every nostalgic shopper. Driving this concept store, is 'Lucy', the glamorously girly, fantasy figure whose clothing-filled apartment you have supposedly entered (each shop corner/rack references a different decade). To pinpoint your position in history, marvel at the spectacularly styled mannequins:

Mannequin, Lucy in Disguise

Reclining mannequin, Lucy in Disguise

Selective sourcing and rare finds means that clothes, accessories and gifts are distinctively different to those showcased at your local vintage fair. Moreover, sleek and sophisticated store presentation goes against the grain of the usual vintage scrounge-and-seek. That's upstairs. Downstairs, Lucy in Disguise becomes a 1930's boudoir, with nail/beauty/hair salons, a Grey Goose cocktail bar and 'With Diamonds VIP Dressing Room'. Recline on the chaise longue and flick through a vintage Vogue, while admiring YSL and Dior from several years ago. 

VIP Dressing Room, Lucy in Disguise
Lucy in Disguise's 'With Diamonds Dressing Room'

Cocktails, Lucy in Disguise dressing room

Perfect for a girl's afternoon or special occasion, you can book the dressing room/entire downstairs space. Perhaps you fancy 'Evelyn's Roaring Tea Party'? Or, 'Cynthia's Sparkling Soiree'? However, you need not worry about dragging your man along; he can enjoy the 'Boy's Corner', replete with 1960's Playboy magazines and playstation + games. 

I recently attended and wrote about the lively launch of 'Lucy in Disguise's With Diamonds VIP Dressing Room'; please do take a peek at my article
Model, Lucy in Disguise launch party
A beautifully dressed model, from the 'With Diamonds' launch party
To find out more about Lily and Sarah's unique vintage vision, head to Lucy in Disguise's website, Blog and Twitter. Find the shop itself at 10-13 King Street (closest tube: Covent Garden), and don't forget to check out the dressing room and salons for yourself.

Gemma Arterton wears Lucy in Disguise
Gemma Arterton wears Lucy in Disguise, October 2010
Images: 1) - 5) my own. 6) Thank you to For some beautiful illustrations of my launch party photos, check out my full Lucy in Disguise article, for Amelia's Magazine


  1. Ohh, I think I want to live there. I'm so glad you posted about this and I'll certainly be checking out your article asap!

  2. @Casee Marie Thank you, Casee Marie! It is a great shop, hopefully they will introduce online shopping at some point for you! x


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