Monday, 24 January 2011

Lights, Camera, Action: Movie Star Make-Up

From Claire Danes' 'COVERGIRL' image, to Mila Kunis' glamorous glow, awards ceremonies like the Golden Globes are as much a showcase for the skin, as for the silhouette (and another stylish inspiration for us viewers). Following a frantic (but fun) festive period, our skin definitely needs a little more TLC. But if like me, you require a quick fix for everyday life, good quality make-up is key. Notwithstanding the illusion that we'll unveil our inner Hollywood heroine, it can cover tired lines and blemishes, without creating excess oil or a look that's anything-but-natural. Does every Hollywood star know the secret to a flawless face? I doubt it, although  Christina Hendricks and January Jones may be exceptions (My latest obsession? Mad Men. Talking of which, did you know there are Mad Men barbie dolls? A flawless face, immortalised right there). It's highly optimistic to believe that I can achieve 50% of the level of grooming that these 1960's Manhattan maidens do. But, as a New Year's resolution, I decided to give it a go.

Christina Hendricks curvy figure, Mad Men
Christina Hendricks, aka Joan Holloway, Mad Men

As 2011 arrived, I revitalised my make-up bag, with several pretty, easy to transport and set-to-last products, which I'll share with you, along with my guide to achieving the same look. You may know that I am extremely fond of French clothing labels, so for City Girl (EC1)'s first beauty post, it's no surprise that I'm going for a certain Gallic glamour. If you have seen À Bout de Souffle, you'll never forget Jean Seberg's dramatic eyes and peachy lips. My challenge, therefore? To use only French beauty brands (which arguably, are the world's best). 

Jean Seberg smoking, A Bout de Souffle
Jean Seberg, 
 Bout de Souffle

First, prime your skin with Baume Beauté Eclair
a fresh facial booster and pampering pot of loveliness. Inject radiance with YSL's legendary
Touche Éclat; my 'must-have', wherever I am (enjoy the limited "Delirium" edition, below). 

Touche Eclat limited edition, Delirium

Hydrate your complexion further, with Chanel’s Teint Innocence; a silky SPF foundation, in a refillable compact. Maintain glow, by adding Guerlain’s Poudre d’Or and Lancôme’s La Rose Déco; two gorgeously girlie products, which look and feel as delicious as they sound. 

Lancome's La Rose Deco blush

Next, tired eyes need drama! Brighten your beautiful assets and disguise dark shadows, with Dior’s Iconic mascara, Estée Lauder’s Zero-Smudge Liquid Eyeliner and Bourgois’ purse-friendly Little Round Pots

Estee Lauder's Zero smudge liquid eyeliner

YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick

Finally, apply YSL’s ‘Lipstick for Heroines’. Whether you'd choose Beverly Hills or La Croisette, I'm sure Joan Holloway and Jean Seberg would be proud. You will be close-up (and red carpet) ready. 

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  1. Jean Seberg is such an iconic Frencwoman and wonderful muse. I recently discovered primer and can't believe the difference it makes in the whole make-up application process. Love it!

  2. This is chock-full of good ideas!!! "Lipstick for Heroines" looks like the perfect movie star shade of red!

  3. I'm gutted I still haven't seen Mad Men, but I will! The make up is gorgeous, I have the Chanel version of touche eclat, but I could be definitely tempted by the Estee Lauder eyeliner! Thank you for the post though, brilliant as always :) xxxx

  4. @Laura Connell Hi Laura! It really does - let me know if you find some good ones? x

  5. @Cocktails To Thank you, Charlie! I'm sure I can be persuaded to try the Chanel version of Touche Eclat! x


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