Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Golden Globes: The Screen & Style Trophies go to... (Part B)

Apart from the 'official' Golden Globe winners, there were triumphs on the red-carpet of a stylistic kind. In my opinion, there were some covetable choices, several less-than-covetable, and (as to be expected) a few dressing disasters. However, my 'winners' will undoubtedly be someone else's 'losers', and vice versa. So, the following are my favourites for a Golden Globe 2011 'Style Trophy'. 

The 'Winners'
Angelina Jolie, Golden Globes 2011
I'm already a fan of Angelina's red carpet style and this is no different, although perhaps the colour is more daring than her usual, more-muted palette. However, as elsewhere, the actress walks both gracefully and boldly in this gown. Angelina looks elegant, statuesque (no pun intended!), and striking. It fits her well and the colour is perfect agaist her hair, skin tone and the red carpet itself. Angelina was one of several wearing green and a revealing, low-cut back.

Anne Hathaway, Golden Globes 2011
Again, an adept hair and skin tone match, and similarly, sculptured shoulders and low-cut back. In shimmering bronze, Anne Hathaway looks every bit the mega movie star and Oscars host-to-be (27th February). I'm also loving both Angelina and Anne's glamorous but relaxed down hair-dos. Once more, the shape flatters Hathaway's figure, but remains classy and extremely luxe. The texture certainly wins my 'Most Innovative' red carpet choice. Enchanting make-up to match.

Dianna Agron, Golden Globes 2011
Channelling Spring/Summer 2011 nudes, as well as old-Hollywood glamour, Glee's Dianna Agron is picture-perfect in this pretty, glistening gown. Teamed with a vintage statement necklace and lovely golden locks (and clutch), this is a winning red carpet look and far-from-boring beige. Classically beautiful.

Emma Stone, Golden Globes 2011
A dignified, floor-sweeping and (again) low-backed dress, gives poise, height and effortless glamour to Emma Stone. Nominated for 'Easy A', this Hollywood starlet shows that she can unveil the couture-charm. Choosing pale coral, rather than many of the nudes and blushing pinks on display, the shade is different, but not conspicuously so. Tapping into the 'streamlined' S/S 2011 trend, this is subtle, feminine sexiness at its best. 

Mila Kunis, Golden Globes 2011
After a rumoured $7,000 facial, it's no surprise that Mila Kunis is glowing. But it's this head-turning, almost-mermaid-like gown that commands attention. A cut-away, low back (spot a Golden Globes trend anywhere?), coupled with a masterful asymmetrical overall cut, complements Mila in all the right places. Like Angelina, the jewel-green dazzles on the red carpet and, despite not being my favourite shade of the night, this dress seems as though it was destined for the Black Swan star. Impeccable styling.

Dame Helen Mirren, Golden Globes 2011
I have the utmost respect for Dame Helen Mirren, for her superb acting talents and long, illustrious career. In the same way that she has defied Hollywood's stereotypically ageist culture, she continues to shine on the red carpet. Here, in gold, she look every bit the Queen of cinema. Her opulent ensemble includes embellished sleeves and Cartier jewellery (notably, a $6 million necklace), fitting the bill of indisputable glamour. Simultaneously, the look is also very feminine, classy and well-fitted to her enviable figure.

Olivia Wilde, Golden Globes 2011
You can count on the awards-attire of this House beauty to deliver. This time, the dazzling, Cinderella-like Marchesa 'prom-dress' received much of the spotlight. I may not have chosen this ensemble for myself, but the sparkling sequins and chocolate brown are a divine combination with her chestnut locks (again, a down hair-do). Wilde also makes the oft-worn red carpet brand funky and youthful with a soft fringe (or 'bangs') and outrageously high, spiky, sizzling gold Christian Louboutin heels. The actress is clearly having fun and putting her own distinctive edge on girlie glamour.

And, the rest?
  • Natalie Portman did a masterful job of glamorising her baby-bump and I admire her daring choice. However, the red and pink combo of her Viktor & Rolf  gown, along with flowing layers at the front, are a tad too sickly-sweet in my book. I must, however, see Black Swan soon.
Natalie Portman, Golden Globes 2011
  • Scarlett Johansson (in Elie Saab) looked lovely, but I felt that her batwing sleeves and 'fly away' wavy up-do, distracted from her handsome features. A little more 'streamlining' on this dress, could have done the trick.
Scarlett Johansson, Golden Globes 2011
  • Again, on the hair-front... Sandra Bullock could easily have been a 'winner', were it not for her invasive flowing hair and blunt 'bangs', drawing the eye away from her ornately detailed gown. An elegant up-do would have allowed her Jenny Packham beauty to steal the show (or even mostly 'up', like last year?). I do, however, love the 'rusty' silver clutch and chunky chain cuff, with rose cut diamonds.
Sandra Bullock, Golden Globes 2011

Who were your style 'winners' and 'losers'? 

Images) Thank you to Style.com


  1. I adore angelina and anne's outfits - they are my favourite too! They look so stunning, but not too 'done'!

    GREAT post!


  2. I LOVE Olivia Wilde's Marchesa dress. I'm not normally a fan of poofy dresses but it fits her wonderfully. Her entire ensemble is great!

  3. I love Ann and Olivia I just Olivia had on the black Loubs ;)

    i love your blog,saw your comment on my christmas post and how much you like bebaroque
    love your blog....lets be blog friends.....

    keep up the good work!

  5. Lot's of long sleeve cover ups for a change. Love the green trend that emerged so strongly!


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