Saturday, 13 November 2010

Avril (April in Love) review

If you are staying in tonight and sheltering from the icy winds, there is a really charming French film on Sky, called Avril (or April in Love). On first reading the synopsis, I didn't expect to become so completely captivated by this unique feature debut from Gerald Hustache-Mathieu. But, from the opening scene, it is mesmerising. From Avril herself (played by the talented Sophie Quinton) and her excellent cast-members, to the charming story and exquisite cinematography, this is a must-see for fans of French cinema and will strike a chord with other viewers as it explores universal themes of identity, family, change, religion and the journey of life. There is also a wonderful soundtrack - check out the trailer below! I won't give the whole story away here, but I have written a fuller article on Avril for Cinemoi's website, where you can read about the plot and cast. Here is the trailer (brief nudity):

Avril won Le Prix Cinema de la Fondation Diane & Lucien BarriereI'd love to hear your thoughts.

Avril (April in Love) is showing tonight, Saturday 13th November, at 5.30pm on Cinémoi (Sky channel 343). Here you can subscribe to Cinémoi


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