Thursday, 14 October 2010

Style Spy (Library): Beautiful Bottoms

Ever since I visited their exhibit area at London Fashion Week, I have wanted to spread the word about Beautiful Bottoms. Yes, it's a brand. One which I believe all female readers should know, if they don't already. There may well be a few interested male readers too; it's not far too early to start thinking about Christmas, boys. Particularly because, Beautiful Bottoms lingerie looks just as good as it sounds: special, but not unwearable; flirty, but not scandalous; delicately feminine but not too flimsy. And it's not quite like the rest of the lingerie market. The utterly lovely 22-year old designers behind Beautiful Bottoms are Poppy Sexton-Wainwright and Lauren Skeritt. Inspired by European vintage prints from the past two centuries, each item feels like it's imbued with a romantic history and you daydream that no one else will own the same piece. 

The designers hope that fans will wear a different print, depending on the mood or place they are in. Yes, this is lingerie that you will not want to keep to yourself. That could simply mean (as per Poppy and Lauren's advice) the glimpse of a coloured strap or floral bow, under a sheer blouse. Forget the structured silhouettes of 'Mad Men' fitted dresses and clinched-in waists, this is an ethereal, graceful femininity that's just as playful and sexy, but in a more relaxed and less-overt way. French boudoir meets Hollywood starlet meets English Rose.

Tapping into our love for all-things-vintage and the increasing celebration of women's bodies and curves (which these are surely meant to show off), it's highly surprising to see such a competitive price point offered. Most bras retail at £30 - £38 and knickers, from £22 - £28. If you consider other lingerie brands known for their luxurious femininity, such as Agent Provocateur, Myla or La Perla, you'd be paying considerably (often, staggeringly) more. Beautiful Bottoms have a, naturally, beautiful site, where you can browse, buy, subscribe to news and follow their blog. Perfect for gifts, each set arrives in a matching silk pouch and branded gift box. 

I'll certainly be keeping my eyes on the Beautiful Bottoms brand, anticipating an exciting future.


  1. Beautiful post! Their designs look so refreshingly unique. I'll certainly be checking out their site. (:

  2. Wow! Love their stuff. I'm going to get myself some as a treat once the baby's arrived and I'm back to a more normal shape. Beautiful.

  3. The prints look really fantastic and you're right price wise they're a lot better than brands like Myla


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