Saturday, 9 October 2010

Me, myself and CINEMOI

I recently told you about the Sky channel CINEMOI (343), dedicated to French film. I was extremely excited about the discovery, partly because I have always been a huge film fan; I studied film at UCLA film school, wrote university newspaper reviews, worked in film PR and was lucky enough to enjoy a childhood where films were celebrated and the topic of many lively dinner-table discussions. I owe much of my enthusiasm to my parents, whose knowledge of cinema is far-reaching across diverse eras, genres and continents. It was my Dad's passion for the Western genre, that fuelled my inspiration to write my final-year dissertation on 'Women in the Western'. Meanwhile, my sister and I enjoyed nothing more than a trip to the local 'video shop', poring for hours over the latest releases and deciding on the sweet-treats to go alongside. 
My Mum and I shared many wonderful afternoons at Picturehouse* and other independent cinemas, as she introduced me to the world of 'art-house' flicks, my first 15-certificated film and, of course, the magic of French cinema. From our eclectic viewings and animated walks home, I discovered the importance of looking beyond the 'headline' Hollywood movie, becoming immersed in different cultures and experiences, and learning to question and articulate an opinion, after viewing. French cinema soon became a favourite. Therefore, when I received the opportunity to write for CINEMOI, I was ecstatic. Here are my pieces on the gripping World War II thriller, 'The Army of Crime': some background on the director, Robert Guédiguian and an article on 'The Army of Crime' itself.

CINEMOI is showing their interview with Robert Guédiguian, at 8.45pm tonight. 'The Army of Crime' follows at 9pm. I thoroughly recommend this fascinating, brilliantly-acted and riveting film. Here's a sneak preview:

If you are not currently subscribed to CINEMOI, visit here to find out how to subscribe. You can view all current CINEMOI showings here and visit CINEMOI on Facebook. There are also some great celebrity endorsements of CINEMOI, including an interview with Charlotte Gainsbourg.

*Picturehouse cinemas cinemas are a partner of CINEMOI.

(Image of popcorn: Waitrose).


  1. oh i love french films & go to see them all the time at my local independent cinema. i kinda wish i had sky tv now!

  2. your mom sounds awesome, i've always wanted to know more about film.

  3. i love foeign films they're soo individual. Most of the hollywood films are light on story and heavy on effects. I have a huge fondness for Japanese films in particular. im following u cause i like your writing style :)



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