Friday, 15 October 2010

Guillaume Canet: The Beach and Beyond...

Guillaume Canet, Rivals, 2008
Rivals (2008)

Despite his rising stardom, you might best know Guillaume Canet from his role as Étienne in The Beach (2006), where he starred alongside The Army of Crime's Virginie Ledoyen and Leonardo Di Caprio. A smaller part than he's now used to, Canet nonetheless showed unmistakable talent and the world took notice. You may have seen the actor's next well-known film: Love me if you dare with his real-life girlfriend Marion Cotillard (2003). And, you may be aware that he directed and wrote Tell No One (2006), becoming the youngest director to win a César award for the film (it's one of my favourite recent French thrillers). For Canet's career is now an exciting mix of acting, directing, writing and producing and it's no wonder that his latest film, Little White Lies, is showing at the BFI London Film Festival, which has just begun this week. Luckily, there's still time to book a seat and watch the film at the festival. Little White Lies is showing on Monday 18th October, at midday (a great excuse to have a day off!) at the Vue cinema in Leicester Square. Written and directed by Guillaume Canet, the film again stars Marion Cotillard and is an ensemble drama, questioning friendship, identity and the 'little white lies' we tell to others and ourselves. Definitely one to watch.

Little White Lies film poster, 2010
Little White Lies (2010)

Amidst all the buzz that will surely accompany Guillaume Canet at the festival and beyond, CINEMOI is presenting a season dedicated to, in their words,"France's hottest movie talent both in front of and behind the camera". The season showcases four diversely fascinating films. Mon Idole (2002) stars Canet (he also directed and wrote the film) alongside his former wife Diane Kruger. The other three films feature Canet as actor, again sharing the screen with renowned French talent. Retro cop-drama Rivals (2008) kicks off the season tonight at 9pm (starring François Cluzet from Tell No One), followed by The Key (2007) at 10.45pm, with Vanessa Paradis. Finally, Fidelity (2000) with Sophie Marceau, to be shown next Monday 22nd October, before Mon Idole. Here is a trailer of the Guillaume Canet season on CINEMOI (here's a link to the on-site trailer, for a fuller view):

Did I forget to mention that Guillaume Canet is quite the French heart-throb? That aside, I'm certain he will continue to elicit international attention for his films (as actor or director). In fact, his latest film, Last Night (2010) was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September (UK release date, tbc). I'd love to hear your thoughts on Guillaume Canet and the season on CINEMOI (Sky channel 343). Click here to subscribe to CINEMOI.

There's also still time to catch The Army of Crime and Frankie, which I've written about recently. Keep your eyes peeled to 'CINEMOI's What's On'.

Images: 1) CINEMOI, 2) The 54th BFI London Film Festival.


  1. Beautiful post! Guillaume is one of my favorite French talents. He really is so multi-talented. I only wish we had Cinemoi in the States so I could see this great tribute season!

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  4. He is gorgeous! Didn't know he directed Tell no-one, which is actually one of my favourite films xx

  5. I'm going to hunt out these films now x

  6. this was such an interesting/informative post! thanks for sharing...i need to look in to these films
    ~ Village

  7. Thanks for the heads up on these films, will defo go back and check them out.


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