Wednesday, 27 October 2010

City Girl Reports: Fashion News (Rigby & Peller)

In what has been a difficult recessionary run for luxury lingerie brands, Rigby & Peller is the latest to admit that sales are slipping. The Evening Standard reported that the retailer had incurred a pre-tax loss of £214,000 in the 12 months to the end of January 2010. Despite the opening of a new store, sales slipped by 1%. Rival brand, Agent Provocateur, also made a substantial pre-tax loss of £1.1million in the year to March 2009. Rigby & Peller said it would continue to train staff and look for store opening opportunities, believing it would be "well positioned to benefit from an upturn in the overall economy".

Rigby & Peller are a family-owned business, famous for the luxurious quality of their lingerie, wide ranging products and service to include advice for women and men and specific guidance for mothers-to-be and brides. They also have a bespoke lingerie service. Celebrities and royals from home and abroad are known to be fans. Rigby & Peller have also held the Royal Warrant of Appointment as Corsetieres to H.M. Queen Elizabeth since 1960. The retailer still occupies its South Molton street site in London, which first opened its doors in 1939.

Rigby and Peller glamour


  1. Isn't it weird to imagine that the Queen wears things like that?! I'm sure she opts for their more 'conservative' styles but it's hardly a nice mental image!

    Gorgeous, gorgeous lingerie though. One day I will be able to splurge on it!

    Thanks for commenting, ^_^

  2. Maybe the Queen is cutting back on her knickers? This recession is affecting us all!

  3. I loved hearing the history - It would be fun to go see the store now :)

  4. Nice to learn a little about the brand, I don't know what they retail at I know my gf sells designer lingerie and they continue to sell well.

  5. Love this brand! Great piece on them.. very informative! I love the photo as well! Now following you here and on bloglovin'

  6. @Krystal You should, Krystal! Tell me what you think x


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