Monday, 25 October 2010

A Chocolate Dress = Contented Me

Recently, my lovely friend, the writer and blogger of The Contented? Maybe came to stay*. I have been glued to Amy's blog for the past months, as she has documented her pregnancy with honesty, warmth, humour, sensitivity and eloquence. For someone who is not pregnant, nor has ever been, I felt that I could strangely relate to the ups and downs of her nine-month journey. This is credit to her skilful writing and voice that is both personal but welcoming for her readers. Whether posts are written for her baby, for others or for herself, each forms part of a beautiful and captivating story and even if, like me, you have no personal experience of the subject, you could rewind to the beginning now and enjoy playing catch-up. There are some stunning illustrations throughout (see top image) and a wonderful 'About Me' section which make her blog even more appealing. And, when you have checked it out, you can join me in my excitement as Amy now awaits the birth of her baby.

*Alongside Amy's writing skills, I had to mention her exquisite baking talents (her domestic goddess status will surely make for one very happy child!). With only a few weeks to go at the time of her visit, an incredible amount of effort, thought and culinary artistry had been whisked together to create delectable personalised biscuits for us. Mine, below, was immensely enjoyed (!) but I had to take a picture to share its beauty and professional presentation with you! The perfect present for a fashion-loving, chocolate-eating city girl.

Explore The Contented? Maybe here, go directly to The Contented? Maybe blog and read the lovely 'About Me' page. You can also read articles by Amy on Family Vie (she is the Expert Novice).


  1. that sounds like a fun visit =) I must go check her out!

  2. That biscuit looks amazing, definitely some serious love and care gone into that from the biscuit itself to the packaging and tag.

  3. yummy! i love anything sweet and i love a good dress. best of both :)

  4. Thanks, Kate! It was our pleasure coming to dinner - the food and the company were both amazing.

  5. @arash It tasted just as good as it looked! (although I felt bad eating it! ;)) x

  6. @Krystal Hi Krystal, you definitely should! :) x


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