Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Fast Forward to Friday...

If you are looking for a cinematic and cultural Friday night in London, you are in luck! This Friday, September 3rd, Korean screenwriter and director Hong Sangsoo, takes to the BFI stage for his first  London discussion of his increasingly popular and award-winning films. Billed as Korea's answer to Woody Allen, Hong's films explore the intricacies of human relationships and our struggles to fully connect with others. Like Annie Hall? Hannah and Her Sisters? You'll love how Hong's heroines run rings around their male counterparts. "An Evening with Hong Sangsoo" is sure to captivate (and provide a fascinating Friday night out).

Always a sell-out at the BFI London Film Festival, Hong has received international acclaim for his filmography (1996 - ). His latest film, HaHaHa will be previewed on Friday before Hong appears on stage. This is the first UK showing of the film, which won the Cannes Film Festival "Un Certain Regard" earlier this year. Book here (asap) to watch HaHaHa before anyone else and hear Hong himself talk about his work. Clips from Hong's previous films will also be screened on Friday (full versions are showing at the BFI Southbank, throughout September 2010). I have also found a clip where one of my all-time favourite directors, Martin Scorcese, talks about Hong. To follow shortly...

In the exciting lead-up to the BFI London Film Festival, don't forget to enter the amazing competition which I posted earlier this week, where you could win the 'Ultimate Festival Experience' (find it here). Good luck!

Image) From HaHaHa, courtesy of the BFI.


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