Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Exclusive show: Escada A/W 2010

Before finally accepting that my summer holiday is over, I promised to share Escada's A/W 2010 collection with you! A sleek unveiling at the Martinez hotel's Z-Plage bar, Escada touched on all bases: informal weekend-wear, smart business attire and the lavishly glamorous pieces for which fans love it best. Indulgent luxury is Escada's success story. There's no better way to return from devastating financial difficulties and a buy-out in November 2009, than to boldly bring clothes back to the centre stage (accessory ranges had not sold well). In this current collection, Escada has certainly been bold: intense colours, old-worldly glamour, high-end, sumptuous fabrics and intricate detailing. 
Escada A/W 2010/11, Cannes
Even the 'informal' Autumn/Winter offerings are smarter than most: structured shapes, strips of sparkle, bountiful fur and decorative bows:

Escada is not buying in to any of the current, less-than-feminine trends (androgyny, military, minimalism, leather). Instead, here are clothes for true Escada fans to be excited about. However, by choosing Milla Jovovich for their official campaign, it could be argued that the label is trying to widen it's appeal. Great photographs by Peter Lindbergh:

Milla's persona is certainly more 'edgy' than the typical red-carpet ladies who choose the brand (most recently, Jane Krakowski at Sunday night's Emmy Awards):

Jane Krakowski wearing Escada, Emmy Awards 2010
While Escada is not one of my personal favourites, I enjoyed the show immensely, particularly the saturated colours and inventive use of textures and materials. The Escada woman wants to feel wonderful as she dresses each and every day. She also wants (or demands) recognition. And, considering that price tags venture into the thousands of £s, she will pay for that privilege. Do you like Escada? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

As an aside, I also visited the 'Milady' Fur exhibition at the Carlton hotel in Cannes... 
My preference has always been for fake fur, although fur in all it's forms is making a comeback (see Topshop for shearling-jacket inspiration here). However, it was not until I saw a gold-painted room full of fur-adorned women from head-to-toe, that I found it all quite disgusting. The bling-brigade is taking it too far:
Milady Fur Exhibition 2010, Cannes
Images: outfits designed by Escada and Milady. Picture of Jane Krakowski, Just Jared.


  1. Oh uhhhhh those fur jackets/outfits/things? are so over the top, too much, ugly, distasteful... I don't wear fur. Anyway, I do like the first pink dress by Escada!

  2. Wow - I love Escada's collections! Beautifully elegant, with a modern twist. Must have been a great experience!


  3. I like the white dress and hair look!

  4. I am so excited that the fur is coming back! I am also a fan of the faux fur and I am still wanting to buy the faux fur vest from Topshop! I do wonder when I am going to wear it though bc it is still almost 100 degrees in Texas!


  5. Love your blog! Good to get ideas of what is new on the runway here! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog:)

  6. Lovely blog. I found you through IFB and I can tell that you have a great sense of style.
    Lets become fashionable blogger friends and follow each other.
    Check out my blog and maybe you'll want to make your own Recessionista Chic Post

  7. I love Carla Bruni`s furs.

    Best, Jenny


  8. great post:)


  9. @Kirstin Thank you so much, Kirsten! So pleased you're enjoying it x

  10. @W. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! x


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