Monday, 23 August 2010

Bonjour mes amis!

Stella Artois, Provence bar
La Belle France holiday is sadly over. However, it’s great to be back in London and I’m excited to be writing at my desk again and planning upcoming city girl adventures! But, firstly, I must apologise for my slack vacation blogging. A myriad of internet problems presented themselves (despite the charming French pronunciation of ‘wifi’, it remained strangely elusive until we reached Cannes). And, well, sometimes a girl just needs a break. An entirely indulgent, switch-everything-off break; where sometimes you’re even too exhausted (or lazy) to pick up the novel that you have been saving and refusing to open for months. Instead, you thoughtfully gaze out to sea, curiously people-watch, lose all powers of intelligent conversation and attempt your most demanding tasks of the day: rubbing in sun-tan lotion, ordering a Panini and deciding where to book for tonight’s table. Perhaps this drowsy, decadent holiday is just what the doctor ordered, following a career change and generally hectic year. Either way, it was utterly lovely. I hope you enjoy my diaries and photos, as I discover a whole new 'French-chic' outside of Paris...

p.s. my suitcase arrived at both airports. Hooray!


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