Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Trend Report: A Man's World?

Diane Keaton and Woody Allen, Annie Hall
Move over, boys. There’s a new woman in town and she most definitely wears the trousers. Strutting her suited-pins down Fashion Week catwalks, or boldly delving into your wardrobe, this 2010 female is discovering that she looks good dressed as a ‘he’. What began with a flirtatious borrowing of the ‘boyfriend jacket’ (or that white shirt) is now a marriage of head-to-toe masculine items with, importantly, feminine touches. Androgyny is nothing new, thanks to the likes of Coco Chanel, Amelia Earhart, Annie Lennox or Tilda Swinton. Each, clearly a woman in body and spirit, enjoys the strength, success and eroticism suggested by wearing traditionally masculine jackets, trousers and ties. Remember Woody Allen, mesmerised by Diane Keaton in Annie Hall? Or 1940’s Rita Hayworth? You get the picture.                                                                        

But why has the girl-meets-boy trend returned to almost every catwalk this year? Some might suggest that harsh economic climates encourage fashion-following females to seek enduring items of clothing that maintain impact. Perhaps designers are also anticipating a return of women to the still male-dominated workplace. And, as Coco or Rita would testify, tough social times call for stronger female figures, in the eyes of men. Of her target clientele at Paris Fashion Week, Stella McCartney proudly asserted: “The woman? We’re trying to let her know that she shouldn’t be afraid of what she wants. It’s very important for me . . . to give the woman the control back.”

Stella McCartney, Pre-Fall 2010.
Wearing pinstripes, trench coats, bow-ties and slicked-back hair (Cavalli/Lagerfeld), 2010’s Annie Hall is cheekier and more up-front, challenging the concept of ‘a man’s world’ and male/female fashion boundaries. In New York, Alexander Wang’s Wall Street banker-meets-Gothic-girl creations revealed cut-outs around the hips and jackets cropped under the cleavage. In Australia, Kate Sylvester celebrated ‘female-dandy’, with Regency neck-bows and fob chains. And in Milan, Dolce & Gabbana proved that body-skimming suits can be sexier than a leopard-print dress. The High Street must get in on the act.

Alexander Wang, Fall 2010

Images: 1) Queens of Vintage, 2) A.Wang's Fall 2010 RTW, 3) S.McCartney's Pre-Fall 2010


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